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SKU 14033012
Type 3012
Chain [DIN] 06 B-2
Torque Nominal (Nm] 45
Torque max. (Nm] 190
Speed max. [min 1] 5000
d [mm] 12
d max.* [mm] 16
D1 [mm] 27,2
D2 [mm] 69
G [mm] 45
L [mm] 65
L2 [mm] 63
l [mm] 29,5
s [mm] 6
Weight [kg] 0,53
Replacement Chain [Art.No.] 14033112


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Weight 0.46 kg
Dimensions 69 × 69 × 65 cm


Coupling type

Max. misalignment radial [mm]

Max. misalignment axial [mm]

Max. misalignment angle [°]

with keyway

Electrically insulating

Temperature min [°C]

Temperature max [°C]



Chain [DIN]

Nominal Torque [Nm]

max. Torque [Nm]

max. Speed [min 1]

Bore [mm]

Max. bore diameter [mm]

Hub diameter sprocket [mm]

Outer diameter [mm]

Total Length [mm]

Length of housing [mm]

Length of each sprocket [mm]

Mounting distance [mm]

Weight [kg]

Replacement chain (partno.)

Inch / Metric

Chain coupling type 3012 06 B-2 12 teeth nominal torque 45 Nm with casing SKU: 14033012

Material: Chain wheels made of steel, with hardened teeth.
Chain made from steel, with clip link.
Casing made from aluminium, yellow painted, with o-rings.

The couplings are delivered unassembled.
The chain wheels are with pre-borehole.
The chain and the chain connection link are unmounted.
Before using, the casing has to be filled by the customer with grease.

-Elastic transmission of torque.
-Fast declutching by simply loosening the chain.
-Shafts do not need to be exactly aligned.
-No axial shaft clearance permissible.

Temperature range: -30°C to +220°C.


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