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SKU 67700245
Form B
l1 [mm] 39
l2 [mm] 40
d1 [mm]
MA 1) [Nm]
d2 [mm] 4,3
MA 2) [Nm] 1
d3 [mm] 3
h1 [mm] 14
h2 [mm] 9
h3 [mm] 9,5
l3 [mm]
l4 [mm] 14
m1 [mm] 25
m2 [mm] 25,5
t1 [mm]
t2 [mm] 4,5
FA 3) [N] 137
FR 4) [N] 180
Weight [g] 14


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Weight 0.014 kg
Dimensions 14 × 40 × 39 cm



Length [mm]

Width [mm]

Bore diameter [mm]

Total height [mm]

Max. axial force [N]

Weight [g]

Inch / Metric

Hinge M151 plastic, type B, 39x40mm SKU: 67700245

Material: Body: plastic (polyamide), black matt. Pin:
Stainless steel 1. 4305. Threaded bolt: Nickel-plated brass. Threaded
bushings: Nickel-plated brass.

Non-detachable hinges. 3 types for choice: with threaded blind holes or
cylindrical, stepped bores for socket head cap screws or countersunk
bores or threaded bolts or in combinations.

Temperature resistant up to +80 °C.

1) Fastening torque for thread d1.

2) Fastening torque for fitting screw in d2.

3) Max. axial force.

4) Max. radial force at opening angle 90°.

These are non-binding guide values without any liability.


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Hinge M151 plastic, type B, 39x40mm SKU: 67700245

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