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SKU 60170200
Torque max. [Nm] 0,9
Bore +0,030 [mm] 5
L [mm] 34,5
L1* [mm] 9,2
D1 [mm] 19,2
Max. Displacement [±°] 4
Max. Displacement radial [±mm] 0,4
max. Misalignment axial [±mm] 0,2
Torsional Rigidity [Nm/rad] 145
Weight [g] 14


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Weight 0.014 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 35 cm


Coupling type

Max. speed [U/min]

with keyway

Electrically insulating

Temperature min [°C]

Temperature max [°C]


max. Torque [Nm]

Bore diameter [mm]

Total Length [mm]

Outer diameter [mm]

max. Misalignment Radial [±mm]

Max. misalignment axial [mm]

Torsional stiffness [Nm/rad]

Weight [g]

Inch / Metric

Membrane coupling MEM with clamping hub bore both sides 5mm max. torque 0.9Nm SKU: 60170200

Materials: Hubs and sleeves: Aluminium alloy 2011T3 and 2011T8 BS
4300/5 FC1, clear anodised finish. Membranes: stainless high-quality
spring steel. Screw connection: Screws: heat-treated steel, black oxide
finish. Bushes: Steel zinc-plated and chromated black. Connecting parts:
Heat-treated steel, black oxide finish. Temperature range: -40°C to
+120°C. Torsionally-stiff construction, no moving parts, all-metal
design, low moment of inertia. The functional principle offers the
highest operational readiness to be achieved with flexible couplings.
Excellent kinematic properties and high torsion-spring stiffness.
Suitable for servo drives. Tolerant flexural system and a dynamically
balanced construction for high-end positioning and servo drives.
Operating Factors: Type of Load – Operating Factor Uniform Load – 1,5
Alternating Load – 2 Shock load – 3 Reversing shock load – 4 *depth of
bore, remaining length relieved.


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