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SKU 69123700
Type 37-22
W3 1) [Nm/Hub] 2,3
W3max 2) [Nm/Hub] 5,4
Max. Travel [mm] 22
A [mm] 37
B [mm] 19
C [mm] 50
L1 [mm] 5
L2 [mm] 32
M [Thread] M5
Weight [g] 13


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Weight 0.015 kg
Dimensions 37 × 19 × 50 cm



Max. stroke* [mm]

Outer diameter [mm]

Width [mm]

Thread Length [mm]

Length of damper [mm]

Thread size

Weight [g]

Inch / Metric

Profile damper TR 37-22 diameter 36mm thread M5 SKU: 69123700

Material: Co-Polyester Elastomer. The profile damper TR is a
maintenance-free, self-contained damping element. The radial deformation
provides a very soft deceleration with a progressive energy absorption
towards the end of the stroke. The excellent temperature characteristic
of the material provides consistent damping performance over a
temperature range of -40°C to +90°C. The low installed weight, the
economic price and the long operating life of up to 1 million cycles
makes this an attractive alternative to hydraulic end position damping,
if the moving mass does not need to stop in an exact datum position and
it is not necessary to absorb 100% of the incoming energy. The life
cycle is up to 20 times longer than for urethene dampers and up to ten
times longer than for rubber springs. Environment: Resistant to
oil, grease seawater and to microbe or chemical attack. Excellent UV and
ozone resistance. Material does not absorb water or swell. Dynamic
Force Range:
218 N to 7,500 N. Temperature Range: -40°C to
+90°C. Energy Absorption: 25% to 45%. Material Hardness:
Shore 40D. Mounting: in any position. Impact Velocity range:
up to max. 5 m/s. Mounting Bolt Torque: M5: 4 Nm. M6: 6 Nm. M8:
20 Nm. On request: special strokes, characteristics, spring rates, sizes
and materials. Download
Energy-Stroke Characteristics 0. 7 MB

1) Max. energy capacity per cycle for continuous use. 2)
For a single cycle, e. g. an emergency stop.


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Profile damper TR 37-22 diameter 36mm thread M5 SKU: 69123700

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