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SKU 14085401
Profile XPB, SPB, B (17)
Rillenzahl 1
DW [mm] 125
Spannelement [Size] 3
Fmax [N] 810
Drehzahl max [min 1] 5300
smax [mm] 65
A [mm] 35-65
B [mm] 19
C [mm] 19
Ø D [mm] 78
E [mm] 108
G [mm] 25
H [mm] M12
J [mm] 130
sw [mm] 27
Weight [kg] 4,2


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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 232 × 142 × 120 cm



Number of grooves

Reference diameter [mm]

Tensioner [Size]

Max. tensioning force [N]

max. Speed [min 1]

Max. tensioning area [mm]

Groove distance [mm]

Overhang (screw head) [mm]

pulley width [mm]

Thread size mounting side [mm]

Weight [kg]

Inch / Metric

V-belt tensioner 810N profile XPB, SPB and B (17) 1 groove Dw 125mm SKU: 14085401

Material: Housings up to Ø 78 mm made of sintered steel, over Ø 78 mm made of grey cast iron GG20, lever St52, V-belt pulley cast steel.

Matching narrow V-belts DIN 2215 und DIN 7753. Pulley with sealed ball bearings, permanently lubricated. Measur A of the pulley can be adjusted by distance-washers on the axis, which is screwd onto the tensioner. Can be used for both tensioning directions.


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