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SKU 67602500
Type A
Size 530
FH [N] 4600
a approx. [mm] 90
b1 [mm] 80
b2 [mm] 95
b3 [mm] 12,5
d1 [mm] M 12
d2 [mm] 12,5
h1 [mm] 303
h2 [mm] 84
h3 [mm] 32
h4 ca. [mm] 51
l1 [mm] 225
l2 [mm] 125
l3 max. [mm] 152
m1 [mm] 50
m2 [mm] 51
m3 [mm] 70
m4 [mm] 70
r [mm] 212
s1 [mm] 7,0
s2 [mm] 10
Weight [g] 1960


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Weight 1.96 kg
Dimensions 303 × 90 × 225 cm




Holding force [N]

Length of mounting surface [mm]

Width of mounting surface [mm]

Thread size [mm]

Total height [mm]

Total Length [mm]

Weight [g]

Inch / Metric

Vertical clamp version A size 530 SKU: 67602500

Material: Steel-sheet parts: Case-hardened steel C10,
zinc-plated. Bearing pins: Hardened, from size 200 case hardened.

All moving parts lubricated with special grease. Handle with plastic
sleeve, red, oil resistant. Operating handle and clamping lever move in
the same direction. In the clamping position the operating handle is
vertical. Vertical clamps are available for holding forces FH from 90
daN up to 460 daN. Note: Worth pointing out is the clamping arm on all
vertical clamps: It is blanked out from full and reinforced on the
points of highest load. During the closing movement it is guided on both
sides to prevent being affected by possible side thrusts. Version A:
forked clamping arm. Version E: solid clamping arm. Attention:
The clamping bolts and protective cap have to be ordered sperately.

* Clamping bolt has to be ordered separately.


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