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Ball Screw DrivesEnglish 
Bevel Gearboxes DZA, DZREnglishFrancais
Bevel Gearboxes KEKEnglish 
Bevel Gearboxes KU/I, KUMEnglishFrancais
Chain Tensioners SPANN-BOX®, SPANN-BOY®English 
Continuously Variable Geared Motor MUN/IEnglish 
Couplings BOS II, BOZ, BWEnglishFrancais
Coupling DXAEnglish 
Couplings MAEPEXEnglish 
Couplings RN, RNG, RNH, RNI, RNK, RNTEnglish
Electronic Drip Oiler ELOEnglish 
Frequency Inverter NES1English 
Helical Geared Motor HR/IEnglish 
Helical Geared Motor NR/IEnglishFrancais
Lifting Eye Bolts DIN 580English 
Lifting Eye Nuts DIN 582English 
Linear Drives (Actuators) GR/IEnglish 
Motor Base RMWEnglish 
Motor Controller MAE-MR-5-30English 
Motor Controller MAE-4Q-5-30English 
Multi-Plate Friction Clutch PDEnglish 
Safety Clutch SIEnglishFrancais
Sliding Hub FAEnglish 
Sliding Hub FSEnglish 
Sliding Hub with Clutch RNREnglish 
Slip Clutch KFEnglish 
Standard Three-Phase Motor SM/IEnglish 
Taper Clamping BushesEnglishFrancais
Telescopic Slides AccurideEnglishFrancais
Worm-Geared Motors HMD/I, HMD/IIEnglish 
Worm-Geared Motors MEG, MEK, MH, MZEnglishFrancais
Worm-Geared Motors R, RH, RL, RM, RSEnglishFrancais
Worm-Geared Motors SRM, SRSEnglishFrancais
Worm-Geared Motors SZM, ZMDEnglishFrancais
Worm Gear Screw Jack NP/IEnglishFrancais
Worm Gear Unit G/IIEnglishFrancais
Worm Gear Unit H/IEnglishFrancais
Worm Gear Unit KESEnglish 
Worm Gear Unit ZM/IEnglishFrancais


CAD downloads

1) Download 3D CAD models in STEP format directly from our product pages – quick and easily
Free of charge without registration. Just click the button “CAD FILES” under the article description and a ZIP-file will open.

2) PART2CAD: Insert CAD models directly into your CAD software

With PART2CAD as an add-on for our MAEDLER eCATALOG at PARTcommunity, you can generate
and transfer several formats in 3D and 2D directly into your CAD system*:

  • Product data is generated directly in the CAD system without buffering
  • Access to native, intelligent CAD models with rich metadata
  • A secure solution with any browser, by doing without Java
  • Easy plug-in installation

This service is currently available for the following CAD systems:

  • Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire
  • Inventor
  • SolidWorks

* Please note: PARTcommunity requires a registration in advance (free of charge) as well as the plug-in
installation of PART2CAD. Registration with your access data to the MAEDLER® webshop is not possible.


Alternatively, we can send you our CAD data for free on DVD or USB-Stick. Please direct your order to


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