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SKU 14040107
DIN ISO 12 B-1
Teilung [Zoll] 3/4 x7/16″
Spannkraft [N] 58-32
Weight [g] 135


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Weight 0.135 kg
Dimensions 134 × 80 × 28 cm


Number of strands


Pitch (inch)

Tensioning force [N]

Weight [g]

Inch / Metric

Chain tensioner SPANN-BOX® size 0 low tensioning force 12 B-1 SKU: 14040107

Material: Housing from thermoplast. Chain rider from low pressure polyethylene PE-UHMW. Screws and spring from stainless steel. These small, ready-to install tensioners enable noise reduction and wear reduction at chain drives. • With spiral, linear spring. On choice two tensioning forces. • With colored wear-off indicator: Green: o. k. Yellow: still o. k. Red: Tensioning force too low (below 32N or 60N). • Usable travel up to the end of the yellow range: About 32mm. Total travel about 40mm. • Interchangeable with similar parts of other suppliers. Temperature range: -20°C to +60°C (short time up to +80°C).


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