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SKU 22460300
Module 1
b [mm] 10
ha [mm] 10
Nominal Length L [mm] 250
Finish Size [mm]
h0 [mm] 9,0
Material C45KG
Weight [kg] 0,17


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Weight 0.17 kg
Dimensions 250 × 10 × 10 cm
Tooth quality




Tooth width [mm]

Nominal Length [mm]


Weight [kg]

Inch / Metric

Gear rack made of steel module 1 tooth width 10mm height 10mm length 250mm SKU: 22460300

Material: Specially treated bright steel C45KG.
Milled teeth. Precisely Straightened.
Cross-section tolerance h11 = -1/10 to -2/10 depending on size.

Straight teeth. Pressure angle 20°.
Tooth quality 8d25 modelled on DIN 3962, 3967, 3968.

The teeth on the gear racks are manufactured using an overhead milling cutter.
This leads to negative tolerances for dimension a and h0:
up to Module 2: -0,2 mm.
Module 2,5 to 3: -0,3 mm.
Module 5 to 8: -0,4 mm.

From Module 2, except for nominal length 500 mm, cut for continuous linking.

* Length = Nominal length. The real length is roughly one multiple of the pitch.


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