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SKU 64970118
Rail Width [mm] 15
Total Length [mm] 169
Max. Travel * [mm] 162
A [mm] 165
B [mm] 22,5
C [mm] 12,5
D [mm] 32
E [mm] 25
F [mm] 16
G [mm] 6
H [mm] 4,5
J [mm] 20
K [mm] 40
L [mm] 3,5
M [mm] 6
N1 [mm] M4
N2 [mm] M3x4
No. of Carts 16
Bore Rail 4
Load Rating dyn. C [N] 7300
Load Rating stat. C [N] 15000
Torque Ma, Mb [Nm] 264
Torque Mc [Nm] 131
Weight [g] 426,4


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Weight 0.426 kg
Dimensions 169 × 32 × 16 cm


Rail Width [mm]

Total Length [mm]

Max. stroke* [mm]

No. of holes in carriage (pcs)

No. of holes in rail (pcs)

Load rating dynamic [N]

Static Load rating [N]

Static torque [Nm]

Weight [g]

Inch / Metric

Miniature slide unit rail width 15mm overall length 169mm travel 162mm SKU: 64970118

Material: Slides, rail and balls: Stainless steel 1. 4034. Cage
and end pieces: Plastic. Technical data: -Speed: Up to 3 m/s.
-Acceleration: Up to 80 m/s². -Accuracy class: P5 (standard, for most
applications). -Preload class: TO (standard, slight clearance). -Other
accuracy classes and preload classes on request. -Temperature range:
-20°C to +80°C. Four rail widths to choose from (7, 9, 12 and 15 mm). Lubrication:
Prelubricated with Paraliq P460. Relubrication intervals depend on the
type of application. Ready-to-mount, pre-assembled stainless
miniature slides for limited stroke. The especially compact construction
of the slide in combination with high running accuracy (5 µm/100 mm
stroke) and extremely smooth motion offers optimum capabilities for many
different applications. All technical parameters were set to ensure high
system stiffness and precision guidance. Contents of Delivery:
One slide mounted on a rail.


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