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SKU 64970335
Size 3
A 0,3 [mm] 18
B 0,2 [mm] 8
L [mm] 200
L2 [mm] 204
Travel [mm] 100
A1 [mm] 15,2
Dw [mm] 4
J [mm] 25
J1 [mm] 12,5
J2 [mm] 3,5
G [mm] M4
G1 [mm] 3,3
N [mm] 9,5
N1 [mm] 3,2
J3 [mm] 4
G2 [mm] M3
G3 [mm] 6
Load Rating dyn. [N] 11653
Load Rating C0 [N] 18700
Weight [g] 381


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Weight 0.381 kg
Dimensions 210 × 70 × 15 cm




Total height [mm]

Total width [mm]

Rail Length [mm]

Total length with cups [mm]

Stroke* [mm]

Rail height [mm]

roller width [mm]

Center distance from holes [mm]

Center distance Start/End [mm]

Hole location [mm]

Radial thread size [mm]

Bore diameter for threads [mm]

Head diameter of holes [mm]

Height of head from holes [mm]

Position of axial thread [mm]

Axial thread size [mm]

Thread length axial thread [mm]

Load Rating dyn. [N]

Static Load rating [N]

Weight [g]

Inch / Metric

Precision rail guide set RE-ACS size 3 18x8x200mm travel 100mm SKU: 64970335

Material: Rails: Tool steel 1. 2842 (90MnCrV8), hardness 61±3 HRC.
Rollers: Bearing steel 100Cr6, hardness 62±4 HRC. Cages and end pieces:

Technical data: Speed: Up to 3 m/s. Acceleration: Up to 80 m/s².
Accuracy class: P10 (max. 10µm/1000 mm). Higher accuracy classes P5 and
P2 on request. Temperature range: -20°C to +80°C. Lubrication: The rails
have to be lubricated before mounting (z. B. lithium soap grease on
mineral oil basis). Relubrication intervals depend on the type of
application. Contents of Delivery: A set consists of 4
half-rails, 2 plastic cages with rollers and 8 end pieces (delivered
unassembled). From these components a complete rail-pair unit can be
assembled Sizes: Two sizes with different lengths. Other sizes on
request. Design RE: For applications with limited travel, if high
stiffness or load bearing capacity and positioning accuracy is required
in very confined spaces. The rails are usually supplied in pairs, see
contents of delivery. Design RE-ACS: As version RE, but with an
additional Anti-Creeping-System (ACS) that prevents the cage from
creeping. This means the cage is guided by a plastic gear and teeth at
the profile base. Hub and Load Rating are lower than for version RE (see
table). Applications: machine tools, handling systems, special
machinery, measuring and testing equipment.


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