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Part number (SKU) 10003000
Material Low-carbon steel
Surface Blank
Number of strands 1
Hardened No
Hub One sided
DIN ISO No. 4mm
No. of teeth 30
Outer diameter [da] 40.1 [mm]
Pitch circle diameter [d] 38.27 [mm]
Hub diameter [ND] 28.0 [mm]
Bore [B] 8 [mm]
Total length [L] 14 [mm]
Weight 71 [g]


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Weight 0.071 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 14 cm


Number of strands




No. of teeth

Outer diameter

Pitch circle diameter

Hub diameter


Total length


Sprocket KRS with hub pitch 4mm 30 teeth material steel PN: 10003000

Material: Steel C45, not hardened. Pre-bored. General dimensions:
B1 = 2,45 mm, c = 0,33 mm, r3 = 3,75 mm. Other dimensions: See the table.


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Sprocket KRS with hub pitch 4mm 30 teeth material steel PN: 10003000

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